Own Your Longevity and Functional Health & Wellness

1:1 Coaching that is

Why Ninnti Works

Ninnti empowers "Independent Minds" to OWN their Longevity and Functional health & wellness TODAY, to live a fulfilling tomorrow. Ninnti makes Affordable, Effective, & Personalized Coaching truly accessible for every human.


You are unique. And so are your dreams, goals, & needs. Easily discover the perfectly matched coach to help you achieve your goals & lifestyle.


Visually understand your coach's feedback anytime, anywhere. Visualise your movement, posture & form to maximize the gains from your efforts while avoiding injuries.


Go beyond measuring data. Measure what matters the most - "How do I feel ?". Understand Mood insights, and let your coach tailor your plan to ensure everyday is a "Delightful" day!


Make informed progress with performance data and your coach's feedback. Answer questions like "How long should I be active for", "Whats my ideal stress perception threshold", "What time is best for my activity routine", and more

Outcome Oriented Professionals. Not Fitfluencers.

Ninnti is home to India's top performing Health & Wellness professionals delivering exceptional client outcomes - from performance coaches who have trained Olympic winners, to coaches alleviating sedentary lifestyle problems in Millennials & Gen-Z, and to celebrity lifestyle coaches.

Sarva at Ninnti


Elite Performance Functional Fitness

Sarva is a go-to name for some of India's Olympic medalists. A former Indian track & field athelte himself, Sarva brings the same elite performance to all his clients

Nanak at Ninnti


Strength & Weights Cardio Fitness

Nanak is a corporate fitness trainer with many Googlers vouching for his outcome-oriented approach within the constraints of a busy & sedentary tech lifestyle

..and more professional coaches to suit your unique goals & needs !